I have a situation where I have to multiply sets of rasters by each other.
Currently I have subfolders of rasters on my machine and am looping through them and multiplying them with rasterio.

Is there a way to multiply rasters by each other within PostGIS?

Raterio converts rasters into numpy matrix so multiplication is possible but can PostGIS's representation of a raster be multiplied by another PostGIS raster representation?

Is ST_MapAlgebra the way to do this?

And would anyone have a simple example of such a process?

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Try this;

SELECT ST_MapAlgebra(a.rast, b.rast, '[rast1] * [rast2]') rast
FROM rasttablea rasttableb b;

This works fine if your rasters are not tiled. If they are tiled it's a bit more complicated...

  • Thank you. Ill give this a go. Commented Jan 25, 2021 at 17:23

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