I am working with the Ocean Color SMI: Standard Mapped Image MODIS Aqua Data dataset.

Using the Sea Surface Temperature band, I am trying to assign the value "0" to any pixel in my region that has a value less than 30. Conversely, I need to assign a "1" to a pixel that has a value greater than or equal to 30. Essentially, some sort of binary process on the pixel data so that then when I visualize the map, there will be only two colors, the "0" and the "1."

How can I achieve this?

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Simply use the comparison operation: image.gte(30). This will return an image whose pixel values are mapped to 0 and 1 exactly as you are looking for.

(You can also compare to another image; in fact, writing a number is equivalent to constructing and comparing against a constant-valued image.)

  • Thank you! So simply this should work? (Filtered for the month of April 2012 and ROI is my region) var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('NASA/OCEANDATA/MODIS-Aqua/L3SMI').select('sst') .filterDate('2012-04-01', '2012-04-30') .filterBounds(ROI); var modis = dataset.median(); var m= modis.gte(30); Map.addLayer(m.clip(ROI),{},'Binary'); Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 20:10

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