I am struggling with this issue in QGIS. I have a KMZ file contain three files (exported from SNAP).

  1. legend.png
  2. overlay.kml
  3. overlay.png

I tried to open the KMZ and it doesn't work.
I tried to open the KML after unzip the KMZ, and it doesn't work.

This file is generated by SNAP and contains Phase information.

I exported the file from SNAP as GeoTiFF but the legend is not the same:

enter image description here

and this the GeoTIFF in QGIS:

enter image description here

I can't define a color scale like the original one.

Anyone can help me?

  • You said you exported your file as GeoTIFF but files extensions only show *.png and *.kml. Could you precise a little bit your workflow please? Jan 24 at 22:22
  • I exported first time as KMZ and did't work !. then I exported my image as GeoTiFF 1st image is the real one in SANP 2nd image is the GeoTiFF in QGIS
    – SMAIL
    Jan 24 at 22:27
  • Could you provide the output of gdalinfo on your GeoTIFF file? Jan 24 at 22:34

I added this custom .txt of color. First, I import directly the img from BEAM DIMAO product. And this is my color text you can import it as .txt to QGIS.

QGIS Generated Color Map Export File


enter image description here

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