I am trying to find a way to get certain service properties from multiple published map services. One thing I am looking for is all services with "Feature Access" capabilities enabled:

Service Properties

I've managed to get the errors and warnings with a Python script by creating SDDrafts as it is described here.

In code example 7 I found this passage:

# Turn on feature access capabilities
configProps = doc.getElementsByTagName('Info')[0]
propArray = configProps.firstChild
propSets = propArray.childNodes
for propSet in propSets:
    keyValues = propSet.childNodes
    for keyValue in keyValues:
        if keyValue.tagName == 'Key':
            if keyValue.firstChild.data == "WebCapabilities":
                keyValue.nextSibling.firstChild.data = "Query,Create,Update,Delete,Uploads,Editing"

So I searched the SDDraft files for "Query,Create,Update,Delete,Uploads,Editing". But this is not only included in files with Feature Access enabled but also in all other files I've checked.

How can I get the right information? Would GetCapabilities be an option?

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