I have a cascaded (WFS store) layer in my GeoServer. I want to download the data of the layer in Excel format for a provided polygon. In a normal scenario I export the data as below:

https://my-geoserver/workspace/wfs?service=WFS&request=GetFeature&version=1.1.0&typeName=layerName&outputFormat=excel2007&CQL_FILTER=intersects(GEOM,POLYGON((140622.7275518125 158136.306018296,140676.74283158602 158165.31859678068,140714.0110057701 158091.48983712035,140661.41098439335 158063.18487973593,140622.7275518125 158136.306018296)))

But in case of the cascaded layer the above is not working, an empty Excel spreadsheet is being downloaded. I tried OGC filter as well, but same result.


I know I can achieve this by using BBOX but I cannot use BBOX for intersecting as the intersecting needs to be a polygon for filtering purpose of the layer I'm trying to export.

Cascaded layer: I have created a WFS store in my GeoServer and exposing the layer.

  • what does the log file show? You might need to turn up the debug level – Ian Turton Jan 25 at 16:37
  • @IanTurton There is no error in the logs. Request: getFeature service = wfs version = 1.1.0 baseUrl = my-geoserver query[0]: filter = [ GEOM intersects POLYGON ((140622.7275518125 158136.306018296, 140676.74283158602 158165.31859678068, 140714.0110057701 158091.48983712035, 140661.41098439335 158063.18487973593, 140622.7275518125 158136.306018296)) ] typeName[0] = LayerName outputFormat = excel2007 resultType = results – Ronald Jan 25 at 18:00
  • I would replace intersects with disjoint, its' converse function. I would also try a different output format that is native to geoserver. Excel, as discussed here, docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/extensions/…, is an extension. Do you get a blank excel file using disjoint? Does the intersection return anything when you use a different output format? – jgm_GIS Jan 25 at 18:29
  • what is the native SRS of the layer? does it match your query polygon? - try turning the logging level up to GeoTools debug, you will see a lot more information then – Ian Turton Jan 26 at 8:35

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