I am generating a burn severity map for the assessment of the areas affected by wildfires in California and Australia.using this code:


My problem is while trying to export the image shown in earth engine editor. The Output is only in black and white.

Can someone help me ?

//                                  PREPARE FILE EXPORT

var id = dNBR.id().getInfo();
Export.image.toDrive({image: dNBR, scale: 30, description: id, fileNamePrefix: 'dNBR',
  region: area, maxPixels: 1e10});

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You need to explicitly define the visualization of the exported image. This can be done with visualize() command.

Try adding visualization parameters:

var greyvis = {
  min: -1000,
  max: 1000,
  palette: ['white', 'black'],

And in the export command, instead of using dNBR as an image input, use dNBR.visualize(greyvis)

Note I made the visualization min, max and color palette according to your dNBR greyscale image used. For other exports, you will need to define other visualization parameters.

  • thank you very much!
    – bluesharxx
    Jan 27, 2021 at 12:20

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