The Map export from the Project menu supports export to TIFF with the World file embedded. The Print Layout supports TIFF export with a separate World file. I need the embedded version.

For automation, what is the API function to replicate: Project -> Import/Export -> Export Map to Image?

I have been unable to find it. There are related answers in the forum, but they deal with separate World files.

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When you select Layout / Export as Image from the layout screen, after you enter the filename you should get a window where you can choose whether to generate a world file.

Image export options

If you unselect "Generate world file", I have just verified that the georeferencing (world) information is embedded (at least on 3.16.3 under Windows). You can check yourself by opening a terminal window from the QGIS browser and entering the command gdalinfo putfilenamehere.tif.

If you use Layout / Print instead, and somehow generate a TIF file as output, then you are using some sort of installed system TIF file driver, most often installed with fax software. Such a driver will write normal TIFs, not GeoTiffs, and no world information will be embedded.

  • To add to this, I've found ticking Crop to Content to be quite critical, otherwise the georeferencing seems to come out wrong (3.30.2)
    – Buff Fox
    Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 22:48

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