I am trying to mask out part of an image(tiff) with another image(tiff) using the 'updateMask' in google earth engine but I keep getting an empty output. The '.not()' is supposed to give the opposite of the output. I want the cleanup to be masked out from the ndviFinal


//Importing SENTINEL-2 collection 
var St2 = ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S2')

//Display SENTINEL-2 image
var s2_palette = {bands: ['B11', 'B8', 'B4'], min:300, max: 4550}; // specify false color palette
Map.addLayer(St2,s2_palette,'Sentinel 2 (2015-2020)', false);

// NDVI Composite
var ndvi = St2.normalizedDifference(['B8','B4']);

var ndvi1 = ndvi.gt(0.3).not().selfMask();

var ndvi2 = ndvi.lte(0.018).and(ndvi.gt(-0.07));

var ndviFinal = ndvi2.blend(ndvi1).selfMask();

//Preparing masking

//Adding an ID to a feature collection
var addID = function(feature) {
  return feature.set({id: 1});

// Map the ID function over the FeatureCollection and converting to Image (osm settlement).
var osm_settlement = osm_settlement.map(addID)
//Clipping osm_settlement to project area
var mask1 = osm_settlement.clip(galamsey_aoi)

//Creating a buffer of 40m 
var buffer = function(feature) {
  return feature.buffer(40);
var road_buffer = table.map(buffer)

var road = road_buffer.map(addID)

//Merging or combining all the mask
var cleanup = mask1.blend(builtup).blend(road).mask().clip(galamsey_aoi).selfMask();
Map.addLayer(cleanup,{min:0 , max:1, palette:['yellow']},'cleanup', false)
Map.addLayer(builtup,{min:0 , max:1, palette:['yellow']},'builtup', false)


// Creating of final mask
var maskComposite = ndviFinal.updateMask(cleanup.not()).selfMask()

//Display of NDVI composite
Map.addLayer(ndviFinal, {min:0, max:1,  palette:['green']},'ndviFinal', false)
Map.addLayer(maskComposite, {min:0, max:1,  palette:['red']},'maskComposite', false)



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Masks ain't supposed to be self masked. The layer cleanup has pixels with value 1 and other pixels masked, so when you inverse using .not() you get pixels with value 0 and other pixels masked. Therefore, when you apply that mask, you get all pixels masked.

You have to unmask cleanup:

var maskComposite = ndviFinal.updateMask(cleanup.unmask().not())


  • 1
    Thank you Rodrigo Feb 4, 2021 at 9:17
  • This might be a bit beside the question, but a simpler solution would of been replacing the gt() function with lte() which would be the opposite of gt(), same as using .not()
    – M. Nicolas
    Feb 4, 2021 at 20:34

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