After importing geopandas df , with epsg =4326, I tried to re project it to epsg =3395 using gdf.to_crs(epsg =3395) in jupyter python note book. I got error "RuntimeError: b'no arguments in initialization list' " I have , geopandas 0.6.3 pyproj 1.9.6 but I could not update to latest version using "conda -forge channel" I also have proj4 5.2.0 in base channel , should I remove it ?

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    Seems to be same issue as stackoverflow.com/questions/55390492/… ? Also context = using conda in a conda virtual environment? What minimum code can you provide? Edit the question with these infos if you expect an answer fitting your issue. Thanks – ThomasG77 Feb 2 at 22:29

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