I'm using QGIS 3.10.9, and I want to be able to display some drill hole data from my source database, which is on a SQL server. (I've been able to export the data into CSV format and display the data correctly in the project however as I'm working in a team, it would be preferable to use the database directly rather than use an export/manage broken links to the file etc..)

To keep it simple, I've created a view that has Hole_ID, X,Y I wish to display the holeID in the project area using the x,y.

I've tried Layer > Add Layer > Add MSSQL Spatial Layer... In the pop up I have added a connection to the SQL Database.

It will only display tables when the Also list tables with no geometry check box is selected.

I then select the view that has the data (HoleID, X, Y) and click ADD.

It adds it as a layer in QGIS, but under properties I cant manipulate it to display in the project window

I've tried creating a virtual layer from this to no avail.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? It feels like I'm close but just going around in circles.


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