I downloaded a PBF file from GeoFabrik (OpenstreetMap data) and loaded it into QGIS 3.14.

It gives me each a layer for lines, multilinestrings, multipolygons, points and another one called "other relations". Inside the multipolygon layer under the fields tab I see a differentiation of buildings, lakes and such. Since I will not be using all of the data inside each layer but only selected fields of it, how can I set the visibility for each field?

To be clear: I do not want to hide the fields in a way so I will not see them in the attributes table but I want some fields not to appear in the map canvas.

I tried this but it did not work for me as the data of all fields was still visible (in both the attributes table and the canvas)

  • Are you asking, how to categorize a layer and not to display certain categories?
    – Erik
    Feb 5, 2021 at 10:06

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I just found that this can be achieved not under the fields tab of your layer properties or the attributes table but under layer properties > symbology > select "categorized" at the very top of the dialogue instead of single band > select a value > press the classify button and then you can set styles for each field.

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