I understand how to get the points that fall inside a polygon with GEE:

// Load a feature collection and a area of interest
var dataset1 = ee.FeatureCollection("link/to/any/point/dataset/on/gee");

// Define a region roughly covering the EU.
var eu = ee.Geometry.Rectangle(-26.367188,34.016242,35.332031,73.124945);
Map.addLayer(eu, {color: '000000'}, 'planar polygon');

// Filter the table geographically: only points in eu
var filtered = dataset1.filterBounds(eu);
Map.addLayer(filtered, {}, 'default display');

How do I get all the points that are outside the polygon?

I've seen a topic here that discussed how to do this with polygons, but when implementing it, I don't get a featureCollection returned, but some weird data type like:

rightValue:Polygon, 5 vertices


var filtered = dataset1.filter(ee.Filter.bounds(eu).not())
  • that seems like the right way of doing to me, but notwithstanding the fact that the points display when i do Map.addLayer, i cannot print the featureCollection to the console and inspect it (error - FeatureCollection (Error) The service is currently unavailable.) , nor can I export it (been trying to complete the export to drive for 13 hours). Which dataset does the code work for you with, if I may ask? – Momchill Feb 6 at 10:25
  • Thanks for your comment @Momchill. I tested the code on an arbitrary feature collection of polygons. I have not encoutnered that error message before, but I get the impression that it may not be related to the code (e.g. like run time-out messages). – korndog Feb 7 at 7:55
  • Are you able to share the code and tables that isn't working? – Noel Gorelick Feb 10 at 13:46

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