I have got a map created in QGIS where there are some pictures linked to a different polylines. Those pictures are stored in an image hosting, therefore I got a field in the polyline´s attribute table with the url to those images. Afterwards, I have created a webmap with QGIS2WEB. So far, all ok, I guess.

My issue is that in the popup window in the webmap does not show the images. How could I fix this?

As I said, I got my pictures stored in a image hosting and I would like keep them there.

This is all I got

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If the images are externally hosted, you need to create a text field (not using a QGIS image edit widget), and populate that field with HTML <img> tags.

So, if your image location is https://www.hello.com/pics/234.jpg, your field value should be:

<img src="https://www.hello.com/pics/234.jpg" />

If you can also add alt text, this will improve the accessibility of your map.

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    Thank you Tom. I was struggling with this and that has worked perfectly. Much appreciated.
    – Asturies
    Feb 8, 2021 at 8:32

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