I am working with ArcMap 10.8 and extensions.

I have a grid (polygons) and another shapefile of points. I need to generate a field in the grid that shows me how many points are inside each cell, but grouped by a criterion.

For example suppose that the grid are "football stadiums" and players are points. The points shape has a field called "team". If in a specific stadium there are 34 players from 3 different teams, in the count field of polygons shape we will have 3.

With spatial join tool I can only count the total points within the polygons, but I cannot count by attributes.


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Here is one such solution, using this test data, players are labelled with their "team name":

Test data

Run the spatial Join Tool but set the field map up as shown below:

Field Map Note the merge rule is set to JOIN and the delimiter is a comma

The Output would be this:


Now add a numeric field and run the following python in a field calculate tool:


Final result


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