I created a polygon using Iso-Area as polygons algorithm in QGIS. I have a point's coordinates and added it as a vector layer into QGIS. It is shown on the map that the point lies within the polygon. Then I wanted to create a dummy variable that indicates that the point lies inside the polygon. Using what I found in the following link I created a Virtual Layer by applying this query ('A' is the point layer and 'B' is the polygon layer):

SELECT A.*, st_within(A.geometry, B.geometry) AS dummy

But the value of the created dummy variable is 0, while the point is inside the polygon. What is the solution?

Generating a dummy variable if point lies inside a polygon using QGIS?

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    Do both layers use the same CRS? Are you 100 % sure the point is within the polygon? Sometimes points close to the border look like they are inside at a certain scale. Can you provide an image showing the point and polygon in question? – Erik Feb 10 at 14:54
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    @Erik Both layers did not have the same CRS. After resolving this, the problem solved – Elham Feb 10 at 16:05
  • As far as I remember SQL cares about CRS way more than QGIS does ;-) – Erik Feb 10 at 16:10

Open the field calculator for your point layer and add a new virtual field, set the field type to whole number, and add the following expression (swap out 'polygons' for the name of your polygon layer in single quote marks):

intersects($geometry, aggregate('polygons', 'collect', $geometry))

This expression aggregates all features of the polygon layer into a single multipart geometry and then checks if the point intersects that multipart polygon.

A result of 1 means it does intersect.

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    The problem was because of not having both layers in the same CRS. After figuring out this, your solution as well as the solution that I mentioned in my question worked. – Elham Feb 10 at 16:07

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