I am trying to create a new tool in ArcGIS Pro that is based on a python script written in the Jupyter Notebook interface. I realize I can write the script elsewhere and save it as a *.py file and point the new tool to it, or simply convert the *.ipynb file into a *.py file (as explained here, for example). But these methods force me to have a *.py file for every script I write in Notebooks.

Is there a way to link the new tool directly to the *.ipynb file?

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    No, if you want a script tool, you need to save your code as a script not a notebook.
    – user2856
    Feb 11, 2021 at 7:25

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I recommend you to test the script only in the notebook. If it runs without errors you can save it with a simple editor as *.py and include it in a toolbox. I am not aware that you can save a script from the ArcGIS Pro Notebook.

You can only add the script as a Python script. Any other format is not supported.

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