I have a workbench which takes a JSON file and uses the following transformers to parse the data: JSONFragmenter, JSON Extractor and a vertex creator.

I am getting warning errors in my translation log when writing to a PostGIS database. The errors are as follows:

"JSONExtractor (JSONQueryFactory): The JSON query 'json["data"][geomaster_name][*]' contains an invalid index at column 14. An index must be a non-negative integer, a quoted string, or a * (wildcard) character"

The source data is coming from a url here: https://data2.unhcr.org/population/get/sublocation/root?widget_id=211460&sv_id=39&population_group=5081&forcesublocation=0&fromDate=1900-01-01

I'm not sure if this is the correct avenue, but I inspected my output from the JSON extractor and referenced line 14. Line 14 is as follows:


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Figured it out - PostGIS needs to be written to lower case field names. I had my writer set to upper and lower case.

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