The query I tried is this:

Create table test1 as 
    row_number() over() as ID,
    (st_dump(st_split(input.geom, blade.geom))).geom as geom
  from roads input
  join roads blade on st_intersects(input.geom, blade.geom);

The error that pops up is like this:

ERROR:  Splitter line has linear intersection with input
SQL state: XX000
  • You must not try to split a road with itself. – CL. Feb 15 at 15:36
  • I figure out a solution in QGIS. Do 'Dissolve' on the road layer first, then do 'Split with lines' and set the input layer and the split layer the same. – user12949097 Feb 28 at 14:43

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