I need to save the symbology of several layers and I would like to do it with a PyQGIS-3 script.

I think I have to use the QgsMapLayerStyle class but I don't understand what is a QDocument and how to use this class

niv1 = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('exempleNiveau1_UniteDiagnostic_CMH_valeur normalise')[0]
doc = QDomDocument("testdoc") # path to qml/xml document to create ?
elem = doc.createElement("maplayer") # layer with the symbology to save ? Vector layer is not supported
niv1.writeXml(elem, doc, QgsReadWriteContext())

doc = QDomDocument("C:/Users/Juliette/Documents/CRECQ/CartesIndicateurs/Layers/testdoc")
elem = doc.createElement("exempleNiveau1_UniteDiagnostic_CMH_valeur normalise")
niv1.writeXml(elem, doc, QgsReadWriteContext())

You can make use of the saveNamedStyle function:

layer = iface.activeLayer()
bckup_fileName = bckupFolder + layer.name() + ".qml"

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