I am working on a Pyhton desktop app that publishes CAD-files (dxf) to Postgresql/ GeoServer. It uses geopandas to import the dxf-file. The resulting geodataframe doesn't contain the anchorpoint and angle of the texts in the dxf-file, which I need to correctly display the texts in the GeoServer layers. I find very little information about this subject on the internet.

Geopandas uses Fiona to import the data and Fiona uses Gdal to import a dxf-file.

Does anybody know a way to read text-angles and text-anchorpoints from a dxf file using geopandas?

As an alternative route I am looking at using the python lib 'ezdxf'. I'm sure it's possible to solve the problem using this library, but if it is possible using geopandas the solution is likely to be much simpler.

Any tips?

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