QGIS by default saves csv files with values separated by a comma, but I want to save my csv files with semicolons. When I save a vector layer as csv, I can choose if saving with a comma, semicolon, or others, but changing every time such option is tedious. Moreover, some plugins (e.g. 'Point sampling tool') save csv files without giving you the possibility to choose commas or semicolons.

Is there a way to set semicolons as the default in QGIS?


It's hard-coded and you cannot change the default value until developers add an option to change the default value.

This is the related source code of Layer Options: Link

layerOptions.insert( QStringLiteral( "SEPARATOR" ), new QgsVectorFileWriter::SetOption(
                       QObject::tr( "Field separator character." ),
                       << QStringLiteral( "COMMA" )
                       << QStringLiteral( "SEMICOLON" )
                       << QStringLiteral( "TAB" ),
                       QStringLiteral( "COMMA" ) // Default value
                     ) );
  • Thank you. Can I modify this code in some way in the python console?
    – user140119
    Feb 18 '21 at 21:37
  • I don't think so. This is C++ code. You have to build QGIS from scratch. Feb 18 '21 at 21:52
  • You can use QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat method (in Python concole) to export a layer to CSV by specifying a separator but I don't think it is easier than selecting it manually. Feb 18 '21 at 21:57

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