I'm reclassifying an aspect raster which cells values ranges from 0 to 359.999 using the Reclassify by table tool:

reclassify tool parameters

Setting the reclassification table manually is painful, especially when you have many classes:

reclassification table values
The two first lines in the reclassify table among many others...
But I see no way to either save or load the class definitions. Surprisingly.

Is it possible to save/load a custom definition of many classes to/from a file in order not to have to re-write them all each time this tool is re-open?

QGIS version: 3.16.3-Hannover
QGIS code revision: 94ac9f21b8

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This is a workaround using Reclassify by layer tool (so it is not a direct answer to your query).

(1) Prepare a classification table by a spreadsheet software ( I used MS-Excel).

enter image description here

(2) Drag and Drop the Excel file to the QGIS then it will appear on the TOC (Layers Panel).

enter image description here]

(3) Start Reclassify by layer tool and select Min, Max and Output fields from the table.

enter image description here

(4) Then Run the tool.

enter image description here

Hopefully someone will enhance the Reclassify by table tool to be able to load the outside files...

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