I am trying to convert a raster to SQLite using rasterlite2 and gdal a la:

gdal_translate -f SQLite raster.img raster.sqlite

but after running the command I get the following error:

ERROR 1: SQLite driver has no raster capabilities.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and have installed the following with apt install

  • gdal-bin
  • libgdal-dev
  • sqlite3
  • spatialite-bin
  • libspatialite-dev
  • rasterlite2-bin
  • librasterlite2-dev

I thought these are the only dependencies, but maybe I am missing something?

Does anyone spot anything missing?


Why don't you try GPKG or MBTILES (Raster Tiles in SQLite)

GPKG can be any SRS /Projection and is organized in XYZ MBTILES is always 3857 Web Mercator and is organized in TMS

They are standard map tiles 256x256 pixel images in tile_data blob with integers zoom_level, tile_column,tile_row

GPKG adds supporting tables and can include more than one table of tiles (just named differently) MBTILES is only one table named tiles and a metadata table.

use gdaladdo to add the upper zoom levels/overviews

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