I am a GIS intern and I am currently working on a project where field surveyors working on ArcCollector can quickly auto-populate the mile marker field attribute based on their location that is closest to the nearest mile marker.

For example, if a surveyor is on the field and the closest mile marker is few miles away, instead of walking back to check the mile marker, it would generate itself along with how far they are from that mile marker.

  • What's a mile marker? If it is a regular marker wouldn't it be exactly 1 mile away? What do you mean by "walking back to check the mile marker"? If you are "surrounded" by markers how would you choose the one to generate a distance value? Please edit your question explain better what it is you are asking and may be a sketch to help us understand what it is you are talking about. – Hornbydd Feb 22 at 22:54

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