I would like to ask if it possible to integrate QGIS in Visual Studio (either enterprise or Community)?

You see I am developing for a python based application which request JSON data from an API. The Spatial analyses and other stuff happens in QGIS more specifically the PYQT part of the GIS API.

Is this possible? Currently I am trying to work with three different Python Envoriments: Iron Python 2.7 for a GUI, Python 3.8 for conversion of the JSON file and PyQT for conversion of the file in spatial terms.

Yes I am aware of QT designer but considering I am more familiar with Visual Studio and with Iron Python for designing a From, it is the best option for me.

Keep Note Iron Python is just being used to develop a WPF/Form to return a reponse url, I have heard some storys that PYQT does not work with PYQT. So I am uncertain of certain things.

So possible or not?

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