I have a problem wit my current project. When I export my QGIS Project via qgis2web there is a strange behaviour of the map pop ups which are not fitting the content.

Leaflet pop up container not fitting the content

It sometimes cuts the container size, but I can not find the reason. It happens randomly. Sometimes it is displayed properly sometimes it looks like on the attached picture.

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    Without seeing relevant part of the code generated by qgis2web for Leaflet it's impossible to say what exactly is the reason for that. – TomazicM Feb 23 at 17:19
  • Which part of the code is relevant for the pop up container? I'd love to share it with you. – MrSalamikuchen Feb 23 at 22:32
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    Since I've never used qgis2web, I can't help you with advice regarding that. It would all be just guessing. – TomazicM Feb 24 at 8:19

So i figured out what was causing the problem. .leaflet-popup-content { width:auto; padding-right:14px; }

The width setting to auto in the qgis2web.css sheet produced the error. I just changed the value to 100 px and now it looks perfect.

That's how it looks now

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