I have NetCDF data and am trying to transform this into JSON, using Python, to then use in a web sig (NCWMS server).

By transforming this into JSON, could I display this same data dynamically (with movement) with the use of JavaScript?

Talking with someone who understands it, would clarify what could be possible in this case.

  • It would be very unusual to convert raster data like NetCDF into JSON which is a text based "human" readable format and would be huge for any reasonably sized raster. I would expect NCWMS to read NetCDF natively – Ian Turton Feb 26 at 16:46
  • Try WCS / OAPI Coverages to CIS JSON / CoverageJSON – nmtoken Feb 26 at 20:18
  • Actually, I fully agree with you. The problem is that I have a proposal to make this data dynamic, something like what we can see on windy's website. So, I don't know what to do in this case. – Andersson Barbosa Feb 27 at 17:17

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