I have a dozen layers each with more than a dozen fields. When I run the qgis2web plugin, there are 3 options on how each field can be displayed (no label, inline label, and header label).

I do not want to manually go through over a hundred fields and setting their field style.

Is there a way, once the map is exported using Leaflet, to change the field display using some code?

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You should change the plugin code before you export your map.

.........For your own purpose: take a look at line 808-810 of the file maindialog.py:

self.attrWidget.addItem("no label") self.attrWidget.addItem("inline label") self.attrWidget.addItem("header label")

If you switch order to:

            self.attrWidget.addItem("inline label")
            self.attrWidget.addItem("header label")
            self.attrWidget.addItem("no label")..................

source: https://github.com/tomchadwin/qgis2web/issues/833

I have not tested the solution for the current version, so I hope, it could also help you now. You know it: You must repeat the code change with a new qgis2web version.

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