I'm searching for a data set which contains the population of each postcode district (e.g SG1 or LE2) in the UK. I'm struggling to find this anywhere especially for free.

Is there anywhere I can find this data the more recent the better?


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A search for "postcode district population" leads me to an FOI request which points me to table KS101EW in the Nomis census data.

I'm then about four clicks from this spreadsheet:

enter image description here

with 2011 census population. You didn't specify a population time point. This time next year you might get 2021 census population.

This is England and Wales only, so you'll have to get S and NI separately. They might be on Nomis somewhere.

  • I was ideally looking for the most up to date data that I can find. 2011 should be suitable enough however.
    – Dom McEwen
    Commented Mar 1, 2021 at 12:45

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