I have a gdb file that's 32GB and I'm tasked with extracting the attribute values from each of the layers and converting them to CSV for analysis. Here's my code:

import geopandas as gpd
import fiona as fiona

dataset_path = '...' # for example purposes left out the exact path

layers = fiona.listlayers(dataset_path)
for layername in layers:
    # according to docs settin ignore_geometry=True loads gpd file to pandas dataframe
    geodata = gpd.read_file(dataset_path, driver='fileGDB', layer=layername, ignore_geometry=True)
    geodata.to_csv(project_path + f'{layername}.csv')

This code works but there are some layers that are very large (~5000 columns x 40'000 rows) and for those, it throws MemoryError and everything on my computer crashes because the PC has ran out of RAM.

Is there anything I can do to optimize this besides trying to acquire a more powerful computer? (I have 16GB of RAM).

  • I already tried to load the file into QGIS and export it from there, but it throws a similar error and crashes anyway.

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  • I used the ignore_fields argument in read_file to drop unnecessary columns reducing the size of the import. It's not a quick solution, but at least it does not cause a memory error.
  • I also tried the rows method. According to documentation, you can provide a slice() object meaning that looping through the dataset and reading it bit by bit was not a problem.

The rows parameter for geopandas.read_file(file_path, rows=10) was not working for me. There were no warnings or error messages when using rows, but the entire dataframe was being loaded instead of the subset.

It took me a while to figure out that the rows parameter was added in geopandas=0.7, and I was running geopandas=0.6.1. I had installed geopandas with conda install geopandas in a Python=3.8 environment containing default Anaconda packages. I had issues trying to upgrade geopandas so instead I created a new environment from scratch but this time installing geopandas with conda install geopandas=0.9.0. This resolved the rows parameter issue for me.

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