I have a collector-survey123 integrated workflow on iOS for field personnel. They select a route and launch a survey from a custom url in the collector pop-up. This pre-populates some questions etc, and when they submit the survey it brings them back to collector with a callback.

Since the last update, when the callback fires they are brought back to collector, but it seems that the surveys are no longer sending in the background, and so just sit in the outbox or are not sent until they launch the next survey instance, at which point the submit finishes and then they are brought to an empty outbox, meaning they need to return to collector and re-launch the survey.

It does not happen every time, but most now. It seems like the survey is not fully sending before the callback fires, and survey123 is no longer submitting/running in the background. Any suggested workaround? I changed the callback to callback:submit, but that seemed to have no impact.

  • Would ESRI support help here? – Mapperz Mar 5 at 20:21

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