I never before worked with the field calculator and this problem is driving me nuts ...

This is the error I get with my expression

Interpretationserror: syntax error, unexpected NAME syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting $end

My expression is: ((“crimes_2020” - ("crimes_2017_2019” / 3)) / ("crimes_2017_2019” / 3)) * 100

Also, the Ok Button always seems to be greyed out.

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    At least you are using some characters which look like double quotes but actually they are something else. Look at the both sides of crimes_2020 for example. – user30184 Mar 5 at 17:24
  • Wow such a simple mistake. Thank you for helping – bluesharxx Mar 5 at 17:40

As was pointed by @user30184, you shall use a straight double quote " instead of the one that you used / (opening/closing double quote).

So your expression will look like this:

(("crimes_2020" - ("crimes_2017_2019" / 3)) / ("crimes_2017_2019" / 3)) * 100


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    Thanks for this detailed answer ! Have a nice day! – bluesharxx Mar 5 at 17:40

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