I want to open a GMLAS layer.

When I open the file with:

ogrinfo -ro GMLAS:D:\path\to\file.gml


INFO: Open of 'GMLAS:D:\path\to\file.gml' using driver 'GMLAS' successful.


15: roofsurface (Multi Surface)


I tried to open the layer "roofsurface" with Fiona with:

gpd.read_file(r'D:\path\to\file.gml', driver="GMLAS", layer=layer)

Error: DriverError: ... not recognized as a supported file format.

gpd.read_file(r'GMLAS:D:\path\to\file.gml', layer=layer)

Error: unsupported driver: 'GMLAS'

I get the same error in GeoPandas, which internally uses Fiona. Is there another/correct way to open this specific layer in Fiona?


Fiona does not seem to support GMLAS driver. See https://github.com/Toblerity/Fiona/blob/master/fiona/drvsupport.py

# Here is the list of available drivers as (name, modes) tuples. Currently,
# we only expose the defaults (excepting FileGDB). We also don't expose
# the CSV or GeoJSON drivers. Use Python's csv and json modules instead.
# Might still exclude a few more of these after making a pass through the
# entries for each at http://www.gdal.org/ogr/ogr_formats.html to screen
# out the multi-layer formats.

GMLAS does not appear on the list.

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