How can I work on the classification in orthophotos (generated by Metashape from a DJI Phantom drone) when I cannot input the orthopoto into the band set? SCP does not find the raster of the orthopohoto in the single band list. I know SCP cannot use orthophotos with less than 4 bands. Is there a way to go with SCP or do I need to use a different method?

I'm totally new in QGIS and especially, in classification.

I want to classify the water, sediment and oyster reefs in the Wadden Sea.


It is possible to split the orthophoto into 4 rasters with each a band and use them to create the ROI polygons.

Open SCP --> Click on 'Split Raster Bands' --> Select your orthophoto in Multiband Raster --> You get 4 new rasters to work on.

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