I have a raster layer that resulted from a series of calculations with

  1. raster calculator (simple subtraction of two raster layers)
  2. gdal_translate -ot Int16 -of GTiff ... (convert to Int16, as the result of above is in Float32)

however the gdal_translate command seems to forfeit the No-Data information. It ("correctly") assigns minmal values to the previously no-data cells (−32,768 in case of Int16), however doesn't store the No-Data information in the metadata (as seen in Properties of the raster layer, see picture).

Previous layer, result from raster calculator: RasterLayer properties showing No-Data value (minimal possible value of Float32)

Problematic layer, result from gdal_translate with no No-Data value: RasterLayer properties showing No-Data: n/a

As a result, the values are displayed as regular raster cells by default. I'm aware that I can adjust styling and clip out of range values in styling options to make the "−32,768-No-Data"-cells invisible again. But I'd rather have the raster layer remember, which cell values correspond to "No-Data"!

I tried to assign it with the gdal command: gdal_translate -a_nodata -32.768 -ot Int16 -of GTiff ... however that shows no effect.

Can I manually set a No-Data-Value via Properties or some other tool?

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When saving a raster layer (Right click on layer > Export > Save as ...) you have the option to set No-Data values (see yellow circle in picture). This will have the desired effect.

As an additional hint since we're talking about conversion from Float32 to Int16: Don't forget to check Compression options, since they are not always on by default (see red arrow in picture).

set No-Data value in "Save Raster Layer as..." dialog

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