I am currently labelling a roads map and need help removing the labels for a specific "type" of road.

I apologies for my terminology but I am new to the program.

In my attributes table I have columns "ROAD_NAME" & "ROAD_TYPE" with the latter differentiating between whether the road is a Lane, Highway, Freeway, Street, etc. Some roads are labelled "UNNAMED" in both of these columns. On our other system these roads are present on the map but have no naming.

I currently have applied the rule - "ROAD_NAME || ' ' || ROAD_TYPE" and merged the lines, which has worked well for the other roads but has the UNNAMED roads labelled with "UNNAMED".

I would like the UNNAMED roads still visible on the map but I want the label to disappear.

enter image description here

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Simply you can disable the labeling of 'UNNAMED' from Layer Properties -> Labeling -> Rendering -> Show Label under Data defined then Edit:

enter image description here

Write the following:


All the labels of road type that is unnamed will be disabled.


you can add an if clause to your label statement:

if("ROAD_NAME"='UNNAMED','',"ROAD_NAME" || ' ' || "ROAD_TYPE")

or alternativly use rule based labeling, where your rule would be:


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