There was a question about processing ungridded .asc DTM files: Problem processing Slovenian LiDAR DTM with GDAL (and QGIS): "too many stepY values" error

The answer helped a lot already, but I don't understand how you calculate -txe and -txy for the gdal_grid command?

When I look into the example file "GK1_444_106.asc", the first point (lower left) is:


and the last point (upper right) is:


I would assume the georeferenced extents of the gdal_grid command would be:

-txe <xmin> <xmax> => -txe 444000.00 444999.96

-tye <ymin> <ymax> => -tye 106000.15 106999.15

But in the answer it is:

-txe 443999.5 445000.5 -tye 106999.65 105999.65
  1. Why was there 0.5 added (to max) and subtracted (from min) to the values (and why were they rounded)?
  2. Why are the -tye values in a reversed order (max first, then min)?
  1. Because 444000.00;106000.15 and 444999.96;106999.15 are the centre of the lower left and upper right pixels whereas the -txe and -tye refer to the extent (i.e. centre +- 1/2 pixel width/depth). The 0.5 is half the 1m pixel size specified in the technical report for the data. This is why the x max value was rounded, so as to maintain a 1m pixel width rather than 0.99996m

  2. I don't know. Because it didn't work with the coordinates in -tye min, max order and resulted in an upside down output. Possibly something to do with the coordinate system but I don't know anything about the D48GK CRS

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