I'm coming from a Blender background, in which simple FOSS extensions exist (like BlenderGIS) that download SRTM/Aster Elevation Data and make a terrain based on this. I'd like to make something similar in the Unity game engine (I can easily implement web requests, it is engine-agnostic), in which the user makes a bounding-box over a map, and then the Elevation Data is downloaded in the form of a Heightmap Image file (I am not sure what this format is called, but the lowest point is black and the highest is white). A simple terrain object is then created and the image file is converted to a file Unity's terrain heightmaps can handle (something like .jpg to .png).

I would also like it so you can feed in the 4 points (x/y values of lat/long) to download the data of a box instead of manually generating a file that has all the values.


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As from the broad answer from @user2856, the OpenTopography API does actually provide an API, and some datasets don't even need an API key. You can visit them here for the Swagger API Docs. It checks all of my requirements as it has 4 Coordinates for a bounding-box selection and has multiple datasets (including SRTM).

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