I'm trying to ingest data using Landsat 8 Col 2 Level 2 data into Open Data Cube, but I couldn't find any examples for data preparation. Is it because ODC is unable to process it?


OpenDataCube can index and process LandSat Level 2 Collection 2 data via a STAC v0.7 to v1.0b upgrade and indexing from STAC. There is work in progress in Digital Earth Africa to implement this in an end-to-end fashion. You can follow along here : https://explorer.dev.digitalearth.africa/products/ls8_c2l2/extents

enter image description here

It shows bits of LANDSAT Collection2 Level2 data indexed in the Digital Earth Africa Datacube.

Feel free to join the ODC slack and as for more implementation details.

  • Thanks. Is there a dataset prep script for this anywhere? – Zorro Apr 24 at 8:18

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