Use case: preparing features for collector/fieldmaps for recording existing underground irrigation. Optimally my field tech would be able to go to a customer's house, see the customer is has[item named in table] and select it to add.

New to ArcGIS Pro. I've figured out how to add individual feature classes in a geodatabase and now am looking to import a CSV from our vendor in the format:

Item Name Item Type item cost
rotor head point $30
pipe line $.5 / ft
spray head point $60
etc et cetera maximae pecunia

The list is 1003 rows long so I need the import process rather than manual feature class addition, though if pressed I could write up an autohotkey to do that.

I've tried importing as a table, exporting the table as a dBase, and gdb, then importing them but they didn't show up when importing databases.

I've tried separating the points and lines into 2 CSVs, importing the point table, then export the point table as feature classes but I don't have coordinates making tool "XY Table to Point" not valid.

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