I am playing around with Geopackages for the first time. I've searched hard for valid syntax to generate a geometry field from lat long fields for an attribute-only table in a Geopackage.

The PostGIS method is alter table a add column geom geometry(Point,4326); update a set geom = ST_MakePoint(x,y)

I can't get anything similar to work in the SQLite GPK syntax.


If you don't mind creating a new layer, there are at least two possibilities: using QGIS expressions or using a virtual layer.

  1. QGIS expressions: Go to Menu Processing / Toolbox / Geoemtry by expression: set your Geopackage (saved without geometry, but containing an attribute for lat and lon) as input layer, select point as output geometry type and add this expression: make_point ( "lon" , "lat" ). The created layer is what you're looking for.

  2. Create a virtual layer (Menu Layer / Create Layer / New virtual layer...) with this query (where temp is the geometry-less Geopackage layer):

    select make_point (t.lon, t.lat)
    from temp as t
  • That worked, thanks! I still find it strange that there isn't a native way to do this in the GPKG. But the Spatialite syntax doesn't seem to be working either.
    – Encomium
    Mar 17 at 17:14

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