I am very much a beginner here.

I am trying to create a Shapefile to send to an agency to indicate where I will be conducting field work. I am using OCM Landscape Basemap, and I just have a few points added as Shapefile layers to indicate where my field sites are. However, when I save and try to open the Shapefile, there is no Basemap, and all I see are my little dots. How do I save a map with my field sites (as my little dots) and the Basemap in the Shapefile format?

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A basemap is a raster and cannot be saved as a SHP file which is a vector format. Probably the best way is to send a map in an image format (ie png). See the QGIS help.

  • Thank you! Although they specifically want a SHP file :( Mar 16, 2021 at 15:00

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