I'm using Python and am looking to get the Census Tract of a location given either a latitude and longitude or a census block. I can get the census block given latitude/longitude from here: https://geo.fcc.gov/api/census/#!/block/get_block_find but I don't know how to go from census block to census tract.

I need census tract data because I'm working with the Social Vulnerability Index data which is census-tract level.

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    What is returned by the API? If it is the FIPS code for the block, then you can use that to get the tract, as blocks are nested within block groups (12 digit FIPS) and then nested within tracts (11 digit FIPS).
    – SMiller
    Commented Mar 17, 2021 at 0:12
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Following @smiller suggestion in the comments above, I plugged the example coordinates and year (38:15:36N and 77:30:36W for Census 2010) into the linked FCC API and got Block FIPS code 511770203042000, where state=51, county=117, tract=020304, block group=2, and block=000. See the Census documentation for more detail.

Make sure you are querying the right year, or you may get the wrong codes.

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