I want to mask all the layers in an ImageCollection (in the present case MOD44B) using the landcover (Globcover) values from another Image.

var MOD44B = ee.ImageCollection("MODIS/006/MOD44B"),
    Globcover = ee.Image("ESA/GLOBCOVER_L4_200901_200912_V2_3"),
    visualization = {"bands":["Percent_Tree_Cover"],"min":0,"max":100,"palette":["bbe029","0a9501","074b03"]};

var MOD44B = MOD44B.filterDate('2000-01-01', '2019-12-31')
var MOD44B = MOD44B.select('Percent_Tree_Cover')

var Globcover = Globcover.select('landcover')
var Globcover = Globcover.lte(30).or(Globcover.gte(190)).rename('Class');

//MOD44B = MOD44B.map(Globcover.eq(1)); //<------ This line is not working.
Map.addLayer(MOD44B, visualization, 'TC')

I want to mask all the white regions from Globcover (Image) in MOD44B (Imagecollection). enter image description here

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ImageCollection.map takes a function to apply to each image in the collection. Give it a function which applies the mask:

MOD44B = MOD44B.map(function (image) {
  return image.updateMask(Globcover);

I also removed .eq(1) because it was unnecessary — the image you called Globcover is already binary since it came from .or().

  • The code worked perfectly. Thanks, @Kevin.
    – Ep1c1aN
    Commented Mar 16, 2021 at 22:20

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