I work with ArcGIS Pro and got a geopackage (.gpkg) from a client. It seems that one cannot directly work with the geopackage data in ArcGIS, so I would like to convert it to a shapefile or feature class.

How can a geopackage be converted to a shapefile or a feature class in ArcGIS Pro?

I neither can use an online converter (file is too big) nor another GIS program.


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I think the most useful page from the documentation for this is the one titled Work with SQLite databases and GeoPackage files in ArcGIS Pro:

You can connect to an SQLite database or GeoPackage file in ArcGIS Pro to create maps and perform spatial analysis on your data. SQLite databases and OGC GeoPackage files support a single-user connection.


Follow these steps to add a SQLite database or GeoPackage to your project:

  1. Connect to a folder that contains the SQLite database or GeoPackage that you want to use.
  2. In the Catalog pane, browse to the folder to which you connected in the previous step.
  3. Right-click the SQLite database or GeoPackage and click Add to Project. The SQLite database or GeoPackage appears in the Catalog pane under the Databases category.
  4. Browse to the SQLite database or GeoPackage to start using its items.


If you do not want to add the database or GeoPackage to the project, you can use the contents of the database directly from the folder connection.

In the Catalog you can Copy/Paste feature classes between a geopackage (*.gpkg) and a geodatabase or use:

  • the Feature Class To Shapefile tool to get a shapefile feature class; or

enter image description here

  • the Feature Class To Geodatabase tool to get a geodatabase feature class

enter image description here


You can also use to Copy Features function.

Just take the gpkg file as Input and save the output to a gdb.

I just took an gpkg example an input and it worked straight away

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