In ArcGIS Pro 2.7 how do you stop the ribbon from collapsing every time you click outside of the ribbon?

For example, to edit a polygon I must click the Edit menu option, this opens the ribbon and I can select the selection tool. Then I can select my polygon but the ribbon collapses. To select an editing tool I have to click Edit again to open the ribbon and select some editing tool. This results in a lot of extra clicking. I do not see a setting in the Project Options to fix the ribbon.

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It's this tiny down-arrow at the far right of the ribbon. If it's pointing up, the ribbon will auto-collapse. If it's down, the ribbon will stay open. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F1 to toggle it on and off.

enter image description here

Many other applications that use a 'ribbon' have the same button in the same place:

enter image description here


Click on this arrow in top right of application

enter image description here


The icon to pin other features (geoprocessing, contents etc.) is actually a pin symbol (example above). I find that much more intuitive and would be consistent with other Arc pin functions - but not with other software. No winning for devs sometimes.

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