I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.6.

I have a line feature class, in the attributes of which there is a field "Type", and "Thickness", I need to make a complex Symbology that unites these 2 fields.

It would seem an easy task, but the lines are constantly updated and the values in the "Thickness" field as well. I need to make sure that the "Thickness" field is graded, such as from 0 - 2, 2.5-4, etc. and at the same time it was merged with the "Type" field as in the picture


var w = $feature.Thickness
var width_str

// Here we define the width classification ranges
if(w < 0.8){
    width_str = ' up to 0.8'
} else if (w < 2) {
    width_str = ' between 0.8 and 2'}
} else if (w = Null) {
    width_str = ' '}

return $feature.Type + width_str

I have error:

General parsing error

What causes that?


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I'm not too familiar with Arcade but you appear to be missing the end of line character ";" that is in many of the script samples.

To test for null the help file suggest IsEmpty(). So I would rewrite your Arcade script as:

var w = $feature.Thickness;
var width_str;

// Here we define the width classification ranges
if (w < 0.8)
    {width_str = ' up to 0.8';} 
else if (w < 2) 
    {width_str = ' between 0.8 and 2';}
else if (isempty(w)) 
   {width_str = ' ';}

return $feature.Type + width_str

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