I have M-enabled polylines, these lines are calibrated using different calibration points and some even start from zero. I want to drop existing M-values and then want to assign distance as M-value.

I can do this in ArcMap as you can see in the images below:

Dropping existing M-values.

Drop Measures

Recalculating using Set as Distance.

Recalculate M-values based on Distance

I have many such polylines and I am trying to automate it using arcpy but could not find anything related to this.

Note: There is a tool "Create Route", but it requires coordinate_priority which changes the direction of the line. I need to recalibrate line based on distance with direction preserved.

  • Feature to vertices (both ends). Use orig_fid to transfer line length to every even point. Use points to calibrate routes. Set measure to 0 for odd points – FelixIP Mar 18 at 18:42

You could probably use the "Create Route" Tool, it is intended for creating new route but it will probably work on existing route by just updating the M value (note that it will create a new layer)

The help page of the tool has example on how to use it in a python script (you could also use it directly from the tool box)

  • This creates route on above that line, it does not change the M-value of the actual line. – Ayaz49 Mar 18 at 15:27
  • 1
    If you what you choose as route ID was a unique ID you now have an identical set of polyline the only difference being the that the M value is set to length. So you can replace your original set by the new one or delete the original polyline and load the new one... – J.R Mar 18 at 16:36
  • Its changing the direction of the line. – Ayaz49 Mar 22 at 16:01

I know you've tagged this as arcpy but this could be solved with a little VBA and the ArcObjects interface IMSegmentation3. I would preselect the lines you want to recalibrate and then update the geometries in the mxd with some VBA.

I know ArcObjects can be exposed to python using comtypes, but I've never done that as I know how to code in VBA which is quicker for me.

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