I want to create a terrain in RAS Mapper (right click 'Terrains' -> 'Create a new RAS Terrain'). Following error occure:

Computation Task                                                                 |   hh:mm:ss
Importing 1 of 1: dgm_sa_hec.asc -> Terrain.dgm_sa_hec.tif
Step 1 of 4: Translating to GeoTiff with SRS...
ERROR 1: missing [

ERROR 1: Failed to process SRS definition: ESRI::*path*\DGM\dgm_sa_hec.prj
Step 1 of 4: Translating to GeoTiff with SRS...                                  |          0
Error creating Terrain: *path*HecRas\Terrain\Terrain.dgm_sa_hec.tif: No such file or directory
Cleaning up files...

I already used an ASCII File and a TIFF but both doesn't work. There are no special characters in the path. The Terrain folder is created automaticly.

Does anyone have experience with a similar problem? Using hec-ras 6.0 Beta2


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I had exactly the same errors importing two layers, an elevation model and a survey. I found that the elevation model alone would import with no problem. In the New Terrain Layer dialog box, where the layers are added, I saw that the survey layer had no projection defined. This had not been a problem in HEC RAS 5.0.x, but it was a problem in 6.0. I defined the projection in GIS and exported the raster as .tif, and RAS imported the two layers to a single terrain with no problem.


I had a similar error recently, maybe it's the same thing. I'm a little bit late, but I hope it helps someone that encounters this problem in the future. I was able to add the terrain after setting the file to the CRS I wanted in QGIS. Even if your terrain is already in the given CRS, it seems like HEC-RAS wasn't able to recognize it as a regular projection, but instead as a "custom" one.


The solution is on pages 79-82 of the HEC-RAS Guides and Tutorials document (v6.4.1), which you can download from the HEC website. The problem stems from RAS Mapper not recognizing the SRS data stored in your geoTIFF, but the guide provides a workaround to this issue.

Here's the link to download the Guide as a PDF:



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