I have some spatial enabled tables tables in SQL Server 2008 and add them to ArcMap using custom layers(or a a spatial enabled OLE DB provider) successfully,but as you know,the editor toolbar of ArcMap doen't get enabled for these layers. Is it possible (and if yes how) to create a custom "Editor Object" for ArcMap which implements all necessary interfaces(like IEditor,IEditor2,ISnapEnvironment,...) and use this custom editor for these custom layers?and is it possible to create a "Sketch Tool" which can work with this custom editor and have same properties like snapping?

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These links may be of some help, though what you want to do may require a lot of work.


EDIT: Well, I wanted to post more links but the anti spam tool on this site won't let me post more than one hyperlink until I earn rep here.

  • Thank you for this link,but it's about custom layers,and as you know ESRI has mentioned explicity that "Custom Layers" and "Plug in Data source" are read-only.There is no any guide line in this link how to implement a tool to (for exam)create feature on map interactively.I need to implement a tool using ArcObject(by implementing ICommand,ITool and ISketchTool)that enables users to create a feature on the map,and have snap capability.(The tool without this capability is quite simple using IRubberband).Any tool with I implement,can use "ESRI Editor Object",but not usful for me.
    – Reza
    Nov 29, 2010 at 5:22
  • There are custom editors out there, like the OpenStreetMap Editor for ArcMap. This seems to work by handling the conversions of the data from a custom layer to an ArcGIS specific Feature Class and then the edits can be done, once finished outputting straight back to the custom layer format. I would be happy to be wrong on this.
    – CDBrown
    Dec 17, 2010 at 5:51

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